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Date DITCH Marry

The Last Warrior
Their sweet harmony could tame the wrath of a god…or separate them forever

The Spirit of the Wolf
The end of a curse hides behind a riddle—and the final clue in the heart of a woman

Red Hawk's Woman
Their passion is thunder and lightning. Their fate could be a flood of sorrow.

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Alexa Bourne Dena Garson K. C. Burn Melanie Nilles Tara Quan
Alexandra O'Hurley Denise A. Agnew Kaitlin Maitland Miss Mae Tess Morrison
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Anita Kidesu Donna Gallagher Karen M. Zarkowski Nadine Christian Tina DC Hayes
Anju Gattani Donna Michaels Kaye Spencer Nancy Haddock Tmonique Stephens
Anna Chaput Doralynn Kennedy Kayelle Allen Natalie Alder Tracy Goodwin
Anna J Stewart
Doris O'Connor Kelley Heckart Natalie-Nicole Bates V.S. Morgan
Anne Hope Elena Kincaid Kelly McDonough Nicole Hurley-Moore Vicki Batman
Anne Riley Elyzabeth M. VaLey Kerry Adrienne Opal Carew Zenobia Renquist
Annette Mardis Ericka Scott Kira Hillins P.L. Parker  
April Hollingworth Erin Bevan Kristina Mathews Pamela Labud  
BA Tortuga Fiona McGier Lace Daltyn Peggy Jaeger  
Barbara Winkes Fran McNabb Laura Strickland Piper Denna  
B.J. McCall Franny Armstrong Laura Tolomei Rebecca Heflin  
Bev Haynes Gen Bailey Laurie Olerich Rebecca E. Neely  
Billi Jean Gina Gordon Lauren Clark Rae Lori  
Brenda Sparks Gwynn Morgan Leesa Bow Rae Monet  
Brenda Whiteside Isla Grey Leigh Carron Regina Andrews  
C. J. Starr JB Brooks Leslie Soule Regina Paul  
Candy Caine Jackie M. Smith Lex Valentine Rhonda Lee Carver  
Carole Ann Moleti Jackie Weger Libby Waterford Robin Renee Ray  
Casey Clipper James L. Hatch Lily Graison Rosalie Stanton  
Cassandra Carr Jana Richards Linda Bradley Roseanne Dowell  
Cassiel Knight Jane Leopold Quinn Linda Hadaway Roz Lee  
Cat Adams Jane O'Roarke Linda Lattimer Ruth Ann Nordin  
Catherine Chernow Jane Toombs Linda Mooney Ryssa Edwards  
Charmaine Pauls Jay Brenner Linda Nightingale S. Carman Knight  
Chanta Rand Jennifer James Linn Random Sabrina York  
Charity Parkerson Jennifer Kacey Lisa Marie Wilkinson SaBrowny Rae  
Charlene Groome Jennifer Mueller London Saint James Sasha Cottman  
Christina Tetreault Jennifer Robins Lola Karns Scarlet Hunter  
Christy McKee Jenny Penn Lori Derby Bingley Shannan Albright  
Claire Gem Jessica Jefferson Lori M Jones Sharon Buchbinder  
Claudia Shelton Jewel Adams Louisa Bacio Shauna Aura Knight  
Collette Cameron Jill Hughey Lynn Rae Shoshanna Evers  
Cristal Ryder Jo-Ann Power MK Schiller Sibel Hodge  
D. B. Reynolds JoAnne Myers Madeleine Oh Sophia Kimble  
D.J. Gross Joyce Proell Mandy Rosko Sue McConnell  
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