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Are you a reader that loves spending time on Facebook to find new and interesting reads? Love to share new covers from your favorite authors? How about reading snippets with cliffhangers? If you enjoy all these things, and you enjoy chatting with your favorite and new authors, then  join us in our Mocha Milieu Event room on Facebook today! Oh, and don't forget to join the group and get regular updates so you're in the know about which events are happening and when!

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  • 5: Changeling Press Inaugural All Day
    9: I Didn't See That Coming - Psychic heroes/heroines with Franny Armstrong from 9:00pm-10:00pm EST
  • 11: Vampire King of New York and More with Susan Hanniford Crowley and Gerri Brousseau from 7:00pm-9:00pm EST
    12: Chat with Harlequin Romance Author Amber Leigh Williams from 8:00am-8:00pm EST in the FB Mocha Milieu Event Room
  • 17: Humor and Spice Make for Nice with Lizzie T. Leaf, Sloane Taylor, Sam Cheever, Sara Daniel, & Emilia Mancini from 10:00am-2:00pm EST
  • 18: Piper Denna Chat from 7:00pm-9:00pm EST
  • 19: Eva Lefoy's Dirty Lovin' from 8:00pm-9:00pm EST
  • 25: Viki Lyn Chat from 7:00pm-9:00pm EST
  • 26: HeartFelt Promos Authors Spring Fling All Day
  • 30: Cowboys and Outlaws with Julie Lence from 12:00pm-2:00pm EST



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Steampunk: We have some great guest bloggers for the month:

  • 1 - Revelry! Quicksilver Soul by Christine d'Abo 
  • 12 - Revelry! Danger by Dalliance by Tina Christopher 
  • 15 - Heather Massey's Steampunk Cafe
  • 17 - Revelry! The Industrial Spy by Ava Morgan
  • 25 - Steampunk: Mad Science and Magic
  • 29 - Revelry! The Curse of the Brimstone Contract by Corrina Lawson


Coffee House Authors
AC Katt Donna Gallagher Jim Cangany Linn Random Regina Paul Tory Richards
A. M. Griffin Doralynn Kennedy JoAnne Myers Lisa Carlisle Rhonda Lee Carver Tracy Bilen
Alexandra O'Hurley Doris O'Connor Joyce Proell Lisa Marie Wilkinson Richard Hacker V.S. Nelson
Alison Beightol Eden Bradley Jolynn Raymond Lissa Matthews Robin Renee Ray Vicki Batman
Amielise Gable Elaine Violette Judy Baker

London Saint James

Roseanne Dowell Viki Lyn
Angela Kay Austin Eliza Lloyd Julia Bade Lori Derby Bingley Roz Lee Wendi Zwaduk
Angela Smith Elyzabeth M. VaLey Julia Talbot Lorie O'Clare
Rue Allyn Zayne Michaels
Anju Gattani Erika Almond Julie Lence MK Schiller Ruth Ann Nordin Zenobia Renquist
Anna Chaput Ericka Scott Justus Roux M.W. Muse Ryssa Edwards  
Anne Hope Erin Grace K. C. Burn Madeline Pryce S. Durham  
BA Tortuga Fran Veal Kaitlin Maitland Mandy Harbin Sabrina Garie  
B.J. McCall Franny Armstrong Karen Cote' Margie Church Sabrina York  
Bebe Balocca Gail Koger Karen Kay Marian Lanouette SaBrowny Rae  
Bev Haynes Gale Stanley Karen Stivali Mary Carter Sam Cheever  
Beverley Oakley Gem Sivad KaSonndra Leigh Mary Walsh Sandra Cox  
Billi Jean Gemma K. Murray Kaye Spencer Meg Mims Sara York  
Brenda Whiteside Gen Bailey Kayelle Allen Melanie Nilles Scarlet Hunter  
C. J. Starr Gina Gordon Kaylin McFarren Melinda Curtis Scarlett Sanderson  
Candy Caine Gwynn Morgan Kelly Gendron Melissa Hosack Shannan Albright  
Carlene Havel Heather Hiestand Kelley Heckart Miss Mae Sharon Buchbinder  
Cassandra Carr Heidi Lynn Anderson Kelly McDonough Moira Keith Shawn Martin  
Cassandra Dean Hurri Cosmo Kellyann Zuzulo Morgan Kearns Shelley Munro  
Cat Adams Hywela Lyn Kenra Daniels Morgan King Shoshanna Evers  
Catherine Chernow Isabel Roman Kerry Adrienne N. J. Walters Sibel Hodge  
Charity Parkerson J.P. Grider Kerry Schafer Nadine Christian Silver James  
Cheryl Douglas J.S. Wayne Kelsey Browning Nancy Haddock Sloan McBride  
Cheryl Lane Jackie M. Smith Kim McMahill Natalie-Nicole Bate Sultry Summers  
Chris Karlsen Jackie Nacht Laura Tolomei Nicole Hurley-Moore Susan Hanniford Crowley  
Christine Young Jackie Weger Laurel Cremant Nicole Morgan Susana Ellis  
Constance Phillips James L. Hatch Lauren Clark Opal Carew Suz deMello  
Cornelia Amiri Jane Leopold Quinn Lauren Linwood P A DePaul Suzanne Rock  
Cricket Starr Jane O'Roarke LaVerne Thompson P.L. Parker Sylvia McDaniel  
Cristal Ryder Jane Toombs Leah Braemel Paloma Beck Talia R. Blackwood  
D.J. Gross Jenna Rutland Leslie Soule Pamela Labud Tatiana Caldwell  
Danica St. Como Jennifer Comeaux LeTeisha Newton Parker Kincade Tara Fox Hall  
Darcy Flynn Jennifer James Lex Valentine Piper Denna Tasha Taylor  
Debora Dennis Jennifer Kacey Lillian Francis Rachel Firasek Tess Morrison  
Dee Brice Jennifer Mueller Lily Graison Rebecca Heflin Therese Kinkaide  
Deirdre O'Dare Jennifer Robins Lily Harlem Rae Lori Theresa Scott  
Dena Garson Jenny Penn Linda Hadaway Rae Monet Tigris Eden  
Denysé Bridger Jewel Adams Linda Lattimer Reeni Austin Tina DC Hayes  
Desiree Holt jj Keller Linda Mooney Regina Andrews Tmonique Stephens