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ISBN# (10): 0373693222/ (13): 978-0373693221
April 2008
Harlequin Intrigue (Miniseries: Thriller)
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3BK9
250 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Parker McCall is an undercover agent. One thing he likes about the Special Designation Defense Unit is the chance to try out the latest gadgets first. When the U.S. Consul in Paris is taken hostage, he is chosen for the mission.

Kate Hamilton, American Consul for the U.S., is kidnapped and held hostage during an unscheduled informal dinner with the Russian Ambassador and his wife. Now with hands bound, she is looking at three AK-47’s, waiting to be rescued.

Parker is upset that Kate walked out on him, but he has to keep his thoughts clear. He knows when on a mission, enemies are watching, especially professional killers. After hearing Kate is kidnapped, he wants no harm to come to her. He must free her before the Russian counterterrorism team arrives. Kate hates being trapped. At least if Parker were nearby, he could understand the language better. The man could speak twelve languages but no matter how great he was at his job, she was better off without him, even though her heart tells her differently. When Parker arrives for the rescue, he appears different from the man she once knew. The danger of releasing her seems only the beginning as the two are on the run dodging other imminent dangers that dance into their lives. They try to fight their feelings but the closer they are knitted together, nothing they do can stop the love from entering their heart. But will Parker be able to keep them safe?

72 Hours is a high-octane on-the-edge thriller that keeps the reader glued to every mesmerizing detail. Parker and Kate provide great dialogue and heated passion making the read interesting. I adore the characters. I like when they are trapped and Parker instructs Kate on some steps to stay alive. Their often nail-biting banter gives the read sort of an edge as they go at each other. Tight, engrossing, and compelling, this story speaks of forgiveness and learning to trust. Dana Marton allows this reader to share in all the passion, romance, and intrigue. I liked how she allows her characters to feel a bit of regret bringing them closer together in this very outstanding read.

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