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The Georgian Rakehells Series
Book 1: A Gentleman’s Wager
Book 2: Indiscretions
Book 3: Phantasmagoria
Book 4: Three Times The Scandal

ISBN#: 9780352341730
April 1, 2008
Black Lace
Thames Wharf Studios, Rainville Rd., London W6 9HA
Trade Paperback
286 Pages
Historical Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Annabelle Rushdale lives with her brother Joshua in Wyndfell Grange. She is pretty, wealthy, and cunning enough to usually get just what she wants. Right now she wants the new owner of Lauwine.

Lucerne Marlinscar has just purchased the estate of Lauwine, such as it is. Having been empty for some time, Lauwine is in a state of disrepair. Since the purchase, however, Lucerne has made many improvements, and now he is ready to receive guests.

Bella's first encounter with the new landowner is quite the eye-opener, and what a sight for sore eyes. She is sure that when they meet for the first time, he will be more than a little perturbed and embarrassed. However, the truth is quite the opposite. Lucerne is very intrigued and aroused by the beautiful Bella, but his other guests demand much of his attention, especially his friend Vaughn. Vaughn and Lucerne have been close friends for many years, but after a heavy night of drinking, that closeness took on a whole new meaning. Vaughn pressed his luck with Lucerne, and the outcome was not what he had hoped. Now is his chance to reconcile, but the lovely Miss Bella keeps getting in his way. Bella and Vaughn have a love/hate relationship right from the start. They cannot stand each other, but cannot seem to keep their hands off each other, either, and Lucerne is caught in the middle. He is at first conflicted with his new feelings towards Vaughn, but soon realizes what he wants is to have it all. He will just have to find a way to keep Bella and Vaughn from killing each other first. The house becomes a hot bed for love and lust, but heartbreak seems to be inevitable for all of those involved. How can Belle love one man, but crave the touch of another, and will she be able set aside a raging jealousy to have that love?

This is a deliciously decadent tale of passion and jealousy. The story includes a variety of partners such as same sex, opposite sex, and ménage encounters, and they are all scorching hot. While Bella and Lucerne are the main characters, Vaughn, Louisa, and Frederick play an integral part in the story. I personally found Vaughn to be the most mysterious and fascinating. The story is wonderfully developed with just enough intrigue to keep you guessing. If you like the heat, this one is for you!

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