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ISBN# 1-59998-114-9
July 2006
Samhain Publishing LTD
320 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Lady Rianna de Termonde is betrothed to the Baron Reynard De Fauconer for some time. While at Baron Fauconer’s estate, she notices a man in the dungeon and helps him escape, never knowing she would become prisoner to the cousin of her betrothed.

Devin of Rothwell is kidnapping the one woman he has always loved, but Devin also knew he needed to get her to safety so that he could go home and straighten out the lies and deceit brought upon him by his cousin. Devin knows that Rianna belongs to him no matter what happens.

As Devin makes his escape with Rianna, Baron De Fauconer has his men looking for them. What neither cousin knows is that there is an evil man who is causing all the horror and death and distrust between them, and until this person is caught, all of their lives are in jeopardy. But in the meantime, Rianna is falling in love with Devin. How could she betray her betrothed like this? Devin knows eventually he will have to tell Rianna the truth no matter the cost.

Absolutely stupendous! Ms. Hyatt has penned a fabulous tale with exciting adventure, dangerous intrigue, and steamy love scenes. Everything you want in a historical, you will find in A Knight of Passion. Never a dull moment, this story will keep you ensnared from the beginning, with the animated action of daring swordfights, engaging dialogue, and scorching sex scenes. Ms. Hyatt has left nothing out of this extraordinary tale. For all you historical lovers, this is a must read.

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