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ISBN# Unavailable
July 2007
Moonlit Romance
131 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Star Kissed

Helena Annette Read is told by a fortune teller that she needs to be open-minded. She will never find love unless she opens her heart. Then she mentions surfboards.

Hugh Franklyn is a cop from New York but after a robbery that he has trouble forgetting, he decides to take some time off, not clear if he will return to the police force.

Helena is skeptical after seeing a fortune teller. Helena does not mind the challenge. She does not know why she even entered the psychic’s woman’s tent. Of course it was true, she was tired of the life she had, milking grumpy cows, gathering eggs and slopping the pigs. Packing her bags and following her dreams, she leaves Nebraska and heads for the Atlantic Coast. After she is let go from her job, her landlady suggests she get a roommate to split the cost of the rent. She had no idea that it would be someone tall and handsome. Hugh expects to have the room that Helena has been in for the last two months, but she informs him that is not going to happen. He is not coming in and changing everything. She learns he is the nephew of the landlady. Hugh believes they are victims of a matchmaking attempt. He has a feeling that trying to understand his new roommate just might turn out to be entertaining. He would like to know why she left home. They both connect in a special way. He makes her feel safe, but is it enough to spring forth into a budding relationship?

Starred Kissed is a very enjoyable read. I love Helena and Hugh. Laura Hamby has a way of sketching characters that are not only believable but almost leap from the pages. This well-written story is a most delicious read. I love the way the two got to know each other. They share their own intimate struggle that the other can see in some way and wish to offer support. I could practically see the expression on Hugh’s face as he thought of how he was going to enjoy entertaining Helena. Yes, this is a scrumptious read. The couple is so enchanting; they pull the reader inside the pages with them.

Moon Struck

Courtney Moore is a history professor who goes to visit her grandmother for the summer. She never expected to run into a colossal mutant dog along the highway or meet a sexy vet.

Dr. Mark Mahoney is a kind and compassionate man who loves animals. Not only is he a good vet but a great masseuse. His first encounter with Courtney leaves an interest hard to forget.

Courtney is on the way to her grandmother’s house when she has a small accident involving a dog. After her grandmother shows her how to get to the vet, Courtney is introduced to Mark, as well as the dog, Captain Kirk. It seems the owner died three weeks again and Cap’n has been missing. Since Courtney found him, Mark suggests she be the owner now. She does not think so. Her grandmother decides to take her to her physic for a reading. The card reading tells Courtney a new man is to enter her life forming a relationship. If it is the good doctor, forget that. No matter how he gets her juices flowing, he is not her shining knight. Mark and Courtney get off on the wrong foot, and grandmother intends to help them find their right footings. Mark has never wanted a woman to love him until he met Courtney. They both cannot deny their attraction to the other, but Mark has his own problems when someone else demands his attention. The two can only hope to work out matters if they wish an everlasting romance.

Moon Struck is an amazing read. It is thoroughly entertaining to say the least. I almost spewed my soft drink on the computer about the shrimp. The dialogue is to die for, and the extra bit of humor is an added plus. Courtney is sassy and fun. Mark has his own comical actions and often feels a bit more serious, but Courtney has a way to show him how to unwind. Mary Claymore hit the nail on the head with this wonderful romance. Cleverly she pens, passion, fun, and a little twist that makes the reader wonder will the two ever get together. She seasons the story with characters that are really hard to let go.

Once you read A Slice of Summer, I think you will see you got more than a slice; you got the whole tantalizing pie. The dialogue is tight and refreshing. There are some moments between each of the characters that stick into the mind, even after the story is finished. The way the scenery is sketched, the reader feels like he is already there, not only inside the player’s hearts but the whole ambience of the area. The creations of Ms. Hamby and Ms. Claymore instill memorable scenes with likable characters that design a spinning romance that leaves more than a great feeling inside. They give this wonderful duet an extraordinarily finesse.

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