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ISBN#: 1606010131
March 2008
Siren Publishing
148 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Lady Sheridan Woadeir is an accomplished competitor in the horse world. Her skills are legendary, and she passes on her love for riding to the children of Gryphiz. Riding is all she has now that the love of her life no longer exists for her.

Baron Zaggry Vettura wants his woman back. The last ten years without her have been torturous, especially not knowing why she turned her back on their love in the first place. He is not above using his tremendous wealth and influence to get her back into his arms.

Sheridan is forced to meet Zag after ten years of heart-wrenching separation. Her brother Brad is in serious financial trouble, and convincing Zag to ease off on collecting Brad’s debt is his only hope. Zag is everything she remembered and so much more. He agrees to help her, but with one stipulation…she must become his love slave for one year, and that year starts now. Sheridan has no choice if she wants to help Brad, and so she agrees. To be taken by him anytime, anywhere, is as exciting as it is terrifying. Zag has an ulterior motive in having Sheridan as his slave-lover, and that is finding out why she left him so long ago. The answer is one of betrayal and deceit, but have too many years passed for them to find that love again?

This story is very erotic and sensual, with a ferocious carnal appetite that can never be appeased. The syntax is extraordinary, and flows with an almost poetic feel. I do feel, however, that the constant sexual pleasures are somewhat overpowering to the plot line of the story. This being said, I very much want to read Part II, the continuation of Sheridan and Zag’s story. Ms. Kougar has an amazing way with words that very few authors could pull off, and she does so brilliantly.

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