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ISBN# 978-1-921347-33-7
October 9, 2007
The Dark Castle Lords
171 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Cara St. James is secretary to Chad Harwood. Her sister, Beryl believes she should work for Reece Andrews, as his personal assistant and make more money. Cara finds Reece a rude tycoon to his employees, and working for a fiancé is not in her cards.

Chad Harwood is a fiction author. He does not practically like the way Reece treats Cara. The more he works with Cara, he feels something stirring inside him, but something keeps his feelings at bay.

Cara has worked for Chad for over three years. He is a fascinating writer and good friend. She finds him interesting to work with as he develops stories. Cara has no interest in marrying Reece. She sees what Beryl is going through with her recent divorce and Cara does not want to end up that way. While Chad is busy on his next book, Cara learns that Reece is spending leisurely time with someone else. After she leaves Reece, Chad offers her a place to stay. Chad invites Cara to join him on his next book research in Arizona. Neither expected Reece to cause problems. With only one thing left to do, Chad proposes a marriage in name only. Only time will tell if the two can form a bond stronger than friendship without Reece’s interference.

What a delightful story. Not only does A Marriage of Convenience engage the reader but Chad and Cara are so refreshing, they leave an impression upon the reader. Their love is very exceptional. Reece plays a ruthless character very well. Kate Hofman paints the characters irresistible while crafting a story that keeps going after the conclusion. She weaves a tale so magnetic, and extraordinary, it is worthy of more than one read. With detailed precision, she cast her characters with expressions that are priceless.

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