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ISBN: 978-0-425-22380-2
November 2008
The Berkley Publishing Corporation
375 Hudson St, New York, New York 10014-3658
Trade Paperback
374 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

As a direct descendent of Ariel and Neptune himself, Anna is cursed to a life of ostracism. She comes from a line of shape shifters with unique if not potentially dangerous magical abilities. Her only confidant, for one could not exactly call her a friend, is Mina, a Dark Spawn.

Jonah is the Prime Legion Commander for the Lady herself. As an angel of death for a millennia, Jonah has found he can no longer stomach the continuous barrage of death and destruction. The Dark Ones will never cease their evil tirade upon the earth; all the angel can do is to try and slow their progression.

For years Anna has longed for companionship, someone to hold, someone to love. She roams the oceans keeping to herself, with only the ocean’s creatures to turn to for solace. She could never imagine coming into contact with one of the Goddesses most revered creatures, but an angel has fallen into her realm, and she must care for him. Jonah is sinking, not only into the depths of the ocean, but into the greater depths of despair. He has lost so many; friends, companions, comrades, it finally his turn to succumb to the Dark Ones. Anna can sense the turmoil in Jonah’s soul, and it tears at the very heart of her being. She will do anything and everything possible to return him to his rightful place as the Lady’s warrior. With Mina’s help, Anna and Jonah set out on a journey fraught with danger so fierce that neither may survive. However Anna’s love for Jonah surpasses all physical boundaries; enough to give her body, heart, and soul to ensure his survival.

I cannot begin to tell you what a gem this story is. It will wring laughter and tears out of any reader. The innocence of Anna gives her character a treasured and heartwarming presence throughout the story. She is everything we should all aspire to be, completely selfless, and loving. Jonah is so battle weary and beaten, your heart breaks for him. So find yourself a comfy seat and a box of tissues. I guarantee you this story will sweep you along in the tides of emotion and adventure shared by Anna and Jonah.

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