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ISBN: 1-59998-887-9
March 4, 2008
Samhain Publishing
259 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kay Lee Walsh is a hairdresser from Bertie Springs, Tennessee on her way to the big city of Miami. She prays her trusty car Old Blue will make it so she can finally shake the country dirt from between her toes. However as her luck would have it, she is stuck in another small town with a dead car, very little money, and what she is sure are stolen gems in her gas tank.

Rick Braddock is a single father and owns a garage in Perry, Florida. He likes his small town life just fine. The big city is what tore him and his ex apart. She wanted the glitz and glamour, and he just wanted a family.

Kay Lee is stuck between a rock and a hard place. To pay for the repairs on Old Blue, Kay Lee accepts the offer of babysitting Rick’s daughter Molly. So her move to Miami is slightly delayed, but staying with the hunky mechanic is a pretty good trade off. Rick is determined to keep his distance from Kay Lee. She is just another woman with her sights set on bigger and better, and he has no desire to get hurt again. Molly however takes to Kay Lee right away and the feeling seems to be mutual. Kay Lee feels so at home with Rick and Molly, but she knows that Rick is not ready to make any kind of commitment. Rick wants Kay Lee to be very sure of her decision; he does not want her to ever regret staying in Perry. If that means pushing her out of his life for good, that is a chance he will just have to take.

This story is a real hit for Ms. Meyers! I loved the sweet sexy banter between Kay Lee and Rick, and Molly is absolutely fantastic. She will bring tears to your eyes with her honest, cut straight to your heart, six year old view on life. The author has a real gift for bringing a real down home feel to both her characters and her story. I love a story that can make you laugh and put a lump in your throat at the same time, and this one does just that.

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