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ISBN#: 1-55410-732-6
October 2006
eXtasy Books
73 pages
Erotic Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Kyra had been excited after discovering a lost planet. After the excitement came apprehension; she had to travel there, but got space sick. Placed in stasis because of this, she ends up abducted and forced to fight in the arena. Even as she dreams of escape, she refuses the more lucrative jobs, preferring to merely fight in the arena.

Tiergar is far from his home planet and he is in rut. Not many species are compatible with the Azon, and the first female they sent left in pieces. The human female appeals to him in his altered state, and after.

A human woman enslaved to fight in the arena is forced to submit to a male fighter in rut. Although terrified at first, the experience changes her life. Afterwards, when they are all rescued, she is unable to return to her former career and is sent out on a truly unusual mission.

I really liked Kyra and Tiergar. Both characters had important careers at home; one a scientist, and the other an ambassador. They were forced into a situation where they had to literally fight to survive, and both flourished. They were thrown together by chance and found more in each other than either expected. Though a little bit different from the norm, I really enjoyed their romance. Tiergar was pretty scary at first, but turned out to be much more civilized than his treatment of the first female would indicate. Kyra is an incredibly brave woman from beginning to end. She survives kidnapping, the arena, almost rape, and betrayal by her government to find love and a new life on a strange planet.

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