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ISBN# 0-7582-1574-6
April 2007
850 Third Ave., New York, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
339 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance/Anthology
Rating: 4 Cups

Stripping It Down

Kit Loughlin is a reporter for a business magazine by day and C.Teaser, who writes a very edgy “Sex in the City” type column for a website, by night. She had her illusions of men shattered very early when Jake Donovan took her virginity and never called her again. Now they are in the same wedding party and the attraction has not faded one bit.

Jake has always regretted the way he treated his friend’s sister. His attraction overcame his good sense and he compounded the error by never calling her. He sees the wedding as a second chance with Kit.

Kit finally gets the chance to confront the hit and run Jake Donovan. She is not seventeen anymore, but she is terribly attracted to him. Confused, she decides to get revenge by using him as a character in her “Stripping it Down” column, but as the ratings rise, revenge is not so sweet.

Jake and Kit have a lot of issues to work through. Kit is not as likable as Jake at first, and her column is definitely edgy to the extreme. The blow-up when Jake finds out about the column is inevitable, but the conclusion is satisfactory.

A Taste of Sin

Kelly Sullivan has always felt like a freak, even within her own family. Since going away to college at fifteen, she has not come home very often. Now a doctor, she is taking time off to care for her father, who had knee surgery, and is running his pub for him.

Nick Donovan has always had a thing for his very busty high school tutor, but she was too young and too smart for him. He has rethought that notion, and lucky for him, Kelly is just as attracted to him as he is to her.

The two decide on a no-strings affair that quickly becomes serious for both of them, but neither is confident enough to ask for what they want.

Another hot Donovan, even hotter sex, and a very sweet heroine make this a quick read. Nick’s dyslexia adds depth to the story.

Kiss Me Twice

Karen Sullivan is very different than her brainiac sister. Kelly was the town brain; Karen the town tramp. Her image backfired badly when the eighteen year-old fell in love with Mike Donovan. After therapy and a good look at herself, she finally feels good about who she is, until she runs into Mike again.

Mike thought that he was in love with Karen, but all his friends warned him about her reputation. He began to have doubts and backed away, but after finding her with his best friend, he was shattered. Running into her in Reno brings back all the old feelings, including anger.

Mike does not know the whole story about that night, but Karen knows he would not believe her anyway. All her hard work is going down the drain, but perhaps there can be some closure.

With the backdrop of her despised sister’s approaching wedding, Karen still is not a very nice person, but she is trying. Mike is so angry it overshadows everything. When he finds out the truth, he is very guilt ridden. Both end up better people at the end.

This anthology featuring three of the four gorgeous Donovan brothers is an engrossing read. The characters are well developed and the setting around Lake Tahoe is well described. The brothers are very strong characters; well matched by the women in their lives. Now all we need is to find out what happens to the fourth brother, Tony.

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