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ISBN#: (10)1934446203/(13)9781934446348
November 2008
Romance Divine, LLC
P.O. Box 547, Springboro, OH 45066
Paperback and E-Book
$7.99 Paperback and $3.99 E-Book
56 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

There are many moments when the beauty of clouds, rainfall and snow, bring pleasure to a person, especially a child. Spending a day watching children on the toboggan, or building lovely snowmen, to see the bliss on their faces as the snow feathers to the ground, is pure delight. Lament for Winter is a lovely introduction to this set of poems, allowing the reader to feel such momentum.

No matter what sensational event a person enjoys, whether it be a season, leaves falling, wind blowing gently among the trees, or the gentle cascade of snow, poetry of such magnitude has a magical way of speaking, in volumes, to the audience. Most poems create an inspiring moment to the reader; these have a way of elevating and breathing life in the words.

Whether one enjoys winter, spring, summer or fall, this collection uplifts and rejuvenates the reader all over. From butterflies, to bees, blackbirds, red ants, even bones to walking spirit paths, to name a few, the experience captivates and pulls heart, and soul, in this set of invigorating poems. When one practically hears the sounds of buzzing bees, and other insects, that is a book that reaches deep into the heart making everything become real.

Sarah J. Head does an incredible job of painting a picture with every poem she sketches inside At Home and Away. The descriptions are so clear-cut that I could picture and imagine not only the sights and sounds, but the smell and taste, even to the cherries. I found it like walking into a magical garden that opens up for the reader to enjoy all the sights and sounds, allowing a tranquil peace of mind. The assortment blankets the reader in warm thoughts while leaving a joyful sensation inside the heart.

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