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ISBN#: 1-60154-258-5
June 2006
The Wild Rose Press
Price Unavailable
228 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

B.R. Emerson, or Ralph as she is known to her friends, is at the MrWAR conference in Abilene because her first book has been nominated for an award. She wants to take advantage of all the interesting workshops and activities too.

L.J. Remarchek is a detective with the Abilene Police Deparment. Someone is killing famous authors at a writer’s conference in his town and Ms. Emerson seems to be around whenever something happens.

The MrWAR annual convention is in Abilene this year with a full complement of famous and not so famous authors who hope to win the coveted Golden Stylus award, or just participate in workshops and meet their favorite authors. When one of the biggest names of all drops dead at a book signing in front of Ralph, the mystery author is determined to find out who did it and why.

Humor and a good mystery with witty dialogue are the best parts of this story. Ralph is a great character; a newly successful author at her first big conference. This is a perfect place for a murder to be committed; an unpleasant author and a hotel full of people with the know-how for a perfect crime. The author weaves and intricate and gripping plot, the characters are quirky and interesting, particularly Ralph and L.J. I loved Ralph’s irreverent attitude, the quirky tee-shirts, and her nickname for the Boobsey Twins. The romance angle is a bit weak; L.J. is a bit wishy washy in that area, but the mystery part more than makes up for it. The plot is full of suspense and humor and a couple of twists towards the end that had me holding my breath. I will definitely stay out of cornfields for the foreseeable future.

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