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ISBN#: (10)0373772963/(13)9780373772964
May 2008
HQN Books
Harlequin Enterprises 225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3BK9
$7.00 U.S. and Canada
377 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Rowdy Rhodes travels with his dog, Pardner, who accompanies him everywhere, even when he has a bath. After he takes a room at Mrs. Porter’s Rooming House and a marshal’s job with Sam O’Ballivan, Rowdy takes a huge chance with his life.

Lark Morgan is on the run. After divorcing her husband, she is sure things did not sit well with the society he associates with in Denver. When Rowdy comes to Stone Creek, Arizona, the schoolmarm wonders whether her ex-husband hired him to find her.

Lark stays prepared and keeps a keen eye on any new stranger when she moves to a new town. She never knows if her ex-husband has sent someone to drag her back home. Rowdy comes to town and suspicions arise. He gets the feeling she is hiding something. For a schoolmarm, her taste in clothing is too pricey. While he keeps an eye on Lark, he takes a job with Ranger Sam O’Ballivan and John Blackstone, who enlists Rowdy as Marshal to stop the train robbers. Lark only hopes Rowdy is not an assassin paid to track her down, especially when he moves into the same boarding house where she resides. Rowdy and Lark each may have a secret of their own, but can the one truth they carry inside their hearts be enough for them to face the true reality of where their love lies?

A Wanted Man is a sharp read stirring with such crisp dialogue between Rowdy and Lark that one cannot help but get lost in the moment. Linda Lael Miller paints rich, well-rounded characters. Ms Miller makes the old West comes alive down to the gunfights, the train robbers and even the footsteps that can be heard walking down the planks of the sidewalks of the town. She has a style of writing that breathes life to a town. The romance she sketches between Rowdy and Lark is wonderfully written. With some sprinkling of passion, thrills, and wild adventures, this story makes a great old West romance.

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