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ISBN #978-1-60054-132-2
August 2007
63 Pages
Western erotic Romance/Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

Abigail Scott is left on her own to clean up the mess left behind by a storm. Things needed major repairs, the sheep got loose, and her husband has not been seen in three weeks. She is not having a good day. Left alone, she is determined to do what she can to restore order.

Dusty Johanssen is the law-in-charge while the town awaits a new sheriff. He has been guarding loads of gold; keeping them safe from bandits until they can be deposited in the bank. He now finds himself protecting Abigail from a group of bandits.

Abigail meets Dusty while trying to untangle a sheep from a bush. He warned her to be careful of the bandits, but after hearing about her husband’s death, he feels he must protect her at all costs. While the danger is lurking they find themselves with a growing attraction to each other. Will they survive so their feelings can blossom into something more?

I really like this book's twists and turns. It makes an interesting read. The author has created very likeable characters with background descriptions so well done the reader feels he is truly in 1864. A Widow’s Justice is a recommended read with a surprise ending that will leave you with your chin on the floor.

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