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ISBN# (10) 0-8212-8002-3 and (13) 978-0-8212-8002-7
October 9, 2006
Springboard Press (Imprint of Warner Books)
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
240 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Aging is just a part of life that one has after they are born and continues until their days are over. Sometimes nature is good to a person and they age gracefully, while others get more wrinkles and seek to find that fountain of youth to keep their years polished. Often times the mirror can really show lines of becoming old that no one wishes to see. When this happens many seek a fast relief and head straight to Botox. What some fail to realize is the way a person looks, the underlying wrinkles and lines, often show how one has lived their life. Still, others need to fill that vitality of youth they once had in their early years, and find that Botox is a fast way to erase those inner lines.

A person’s complexion and the way it looks every day can easily be taken care of without the extra use of Botox. Even though some Physicians will eagerly tell you that Botox is the answer to helping you look your best, a person should also get the full facts before injecting a toxin into their skin that can often lead to many side effects. The world of glamour does not help matters either when their main goal to sell magazines is to talk about the flawless, wrinkle-free skin and how a person can retain that youth with the simple injection of Botox.

In this world of maintaining shape and appearance, multi-millions are spent to share products such as Botox to stay young looking with every glimpse into the mirror. Still, people should realize that this is not a cure to prevent the appearance of aging skin. The effects of Botox are short-term. The way that America is drastically changing trying to locate that fountain of youth, many physicians are now describing it almost like an instant, ‘quick cure’ treatment for wrinkles. Unfortunately, the use of Botox has become so stretched that even the young have switched to the injections.

Beyond Botox takes the reader into a world without the constant quick fix of injections to help ones skin by using simple steps, like basic laughing and stress free moments that will make a person feel good and enrich their life. By beginning a regimen of daily care of the skin, along with supplement vitamins and the proper dietary foods that boost better vigor, this book shows wise choices in life can be quite beneficial before enduring the needle. Ben and Howard Kaminsky show a 7-step program that is not costly like all the Botox injections, and does not deprive any nutrients. They even tell how one can make a massage spa heating pad and many advantageous items at home that are most relaxing. I found this a most helpful book and learned stuff about Botox that I never knew. Ben and Howard Kaminsky’s research was well worth every minute they took in the preparation of this informative study.

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