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Sigma Series
Book 1: Sandstorm
Book 2: Map of Bones
Book 3: Black Order
Book 4: The Judas Strain
Book 5: The Last Oracle
Book 6: The Doomsday Key
Book 7: The Skeleton Key
Book 8: The Devil Colony
Book 9: Tracker
Book 10: Bloodline
Book 11: The Eye of God
Book 12: The Sixth Extinction

June 2007
10 East 53rd Street,New York, New York 10022
$7.99 U.S./$10.99 CAN
506 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Painter Crowe, Director of Sigma a black ops organization in charge of investigation and elimination of any and all threats to The United State of America, comes to consciousness locked in a room of a monastery high in the mountains of Nepal. All signs of the monks who normally inhabit this place of deep reflection have been felled by a mysterious illness causing madness and death. Painter is weaker for his exposure to them but is still mentally sharp but for how long? What could have caused such an illness? Could it be cured? These are the questions that he intended to answer and the reason for his presence. Would he succeed?

Dr. Lisa Cummings is studying the effects of low oxygen in high altitudes on the human body at the base camp of Mount Everest. Having already studied the effects of high pressure on the human body and its various systems it was only natural to study the opposite. A Buddhist Monk, Ang Gelu, accompanied by a soldier from the Nepalese Army had appeared from a rescue helicopter after the latest storm had blown over asking Dr. Cummings for her assistance at a nearby monastery that had been stricken by a mysterious ailment. Not fearing for her health and intrigued too, she accompanied the duo back to the monastery. What greeted her was death in various stages of decomposition amongst the livestock but no living monks, yet. At the sight of a pair of legs protruding from a doorway, she discovers those legs were not attached but had been severed from the unfortunate owner. What madness has befallen the peaceful monastery? And then a weak Painter Crowe appears.

Lisa and Painter quickly bond in an attempt to figure out the medical puzzle when the monastery is fire bombed and her escorts are killed. Having no choice but to climb up to a neighboring icy wilderness and away from the immediate threat posed by unknown assassins, they start a trek that will ultimately create more questions than answers, those few pointing to an ancient evil, thought long dead. A more immediate concern is Painter’s apparent decline in health, caused by his exposure. Will they find all the clues needed to answer this most important question?

Mr. James Rollins has written an epic novel full of suspense, history, chemistry, biology and all these combine to make a book worth reading. I absolutely love this book. It makes you think, wonder and puzzle along with the main characters as they speed toward the imminent end game in this thriller. The back story with its underlying motivations and characters make you want to cheer them on while you sit on the edge of your seat flipping pages as fast as you can read them. I would definitely recommend this book to all thrill seekers. Thank you Mr. Rollins for this ride.

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