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ISBN: 978-1-897445-06-8
February 2008
Champagne Books
282 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Mikial Haran is a Dathia Qurl. Born and bred to fight for her people, she sometimes wishes for a simpler life. Her warrior’s body places her solidly with the Datha, but a change is coming her way that neither she nor her Holding could ever anticipate. Her Holding being one of eight territories on the planet Dessa.

Dalen Goss is a member of the Cothra Qurl. His talents lie in the construction of gliders, but like most Cothra his engineering skills encompass everything from weaponry to architecture.

Mikial is a natural born warrior. However her head strong nature tends to lead her on a troubled path, no matter how hard she tries to fit into her community. She would love nothing more than to learn her dances, and be as free in nature as her best friend Paleen. She feels alive while dancing, and would rather be a skilled dancer than a warrior. However fate has a much different course for her to follow. Mikial and Dalen push the envelope of safety and freedom to launch an airship that has so far been banned by the Shandi. This ship gives Mikial the first indication of real trouble ahead. With her people on the cusp of a civil war, Mikial learns the true history of the Qurls. Everything she knows and everything she is comes into question as she fights for not only her life, but also the existence of her entire race.

Life on a far distant planet is spectacularly displayed in this amazing story. The characters are brought to life in vivid detail. Mikial’s appearance as well as her thoughts and emotions are depicted in such a way that the reader instantly connects with her character. The cities, mountain ranges, and costal villages make a perfect backdrop for the diversity of life on the planet. I very much enjoy the depth of emotion and the quirky personalities that Mr. Tolan instills in his characters. I certainly feel this is a must read for any Sci-Fi fan!

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