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ISBN# (10)0-06-172259-6/(13)978-0-06-172259-2/(10)0-06-146305-1/(13)978-0-06-146305-1
Feb 28, 2009
EOS (Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
336 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Cole Warnecki is a game developer who hits a snag in his latest game. When his project, ‘Hammer Strike,’ takes a slow turn after two years, his boss believes Cole is just a bit too distracted and urges him to take a break.

Paige Strobel is shocked to hear that her two friends she worked with are dead after a Full Blood attack. Curious as to why Cole is a survivor, she sets out to meet him and discuss the events of the attack.

Not long after Cole decides to take time away from his work, and heads on a hunting trip, his two traveling companions, Gerald and Brad, are attacked by a huge grizzly beast. Cole is surprised that he was spared from the vicious attack. Gerald manages to inform Cole to contact Paige in Chicago before he dies. Cole is more than distraught after seeing the two men being attacked by something supernatural. When he flies to meet Paige, she educates him on the supernatural beasts, the Nymars, and how the Skinners act like guardians protecting the humans. Paige and Cole must find a way to keep the beasts from attacking any humans. Will they be successful or will Cole meet his untimely fate with one the second go round?

Blood Blade is a read that carries the reader into a tight adventure. I have to admit it took a while for this reader to warm up to Cole, but not long after the attack, his personality evolved, allowing the reader to get to understand his actions better. The action becomes pretty thick when the supernatural beast begins to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting characters. I did enjoy when Paige was brought into the storyline, and she and Cole begin working on the issues at hand. Marcus Pelegrimas tells a good story surrounding wolves and vampires. He crafts a tense read with some thrills that practically leave this reader spellbound.

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