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ISBN: 9781419910043
August 9, 2007
Cerridwen Press
199 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Tess Monterey is a detective for the New York Police Force. While investigating the murder of a young woman, Tess finds herself in a very precarious position. She is torn between her duty as a police officer and her unwanted feelings for a suspect in the case.

Devante Montiero had taken on a position with the elite vampire escort service Blood Bytes. He had not counted on becoming a suspect in a murder investigation. His plans also did not include falling for a human, but Devante was now deeply embroiled in both.

Tess had sworn off men, especially after the torturous breakup with her partner Renaldi. Men were cheats and liars, and she had no desire to put herself through that kind of pain ever again. Tess was a professional, though and put aside her personal feelings to work with Renaldi on the Force. The murder investigation of a client of Blood Bytes brought Tess face to face with probably the most handsome man she had ever seen. The rush of heat that ran through her body stunned her. She knew her thoughts were blocked with the inhibitor around her neck, but she still felt an undeniable connection with Devante Montiero. Devante’s life just became much more complicated. He had never had any feelings towards a human woman before, and now was definitely in the wrong place and time. He had to maintain his current position with Blood Bytes while trying to keep Tess out of danger. He could not stand the thought of Tess getting hurt. She had insinuated herself in his heart, and he only hoped she felt the same.

This was a unique story involving humans and vampires. Tess was justifiably wary when it came to relationships. She had been lied to and cheated on, but in the end did not let that stand in her way. Devante had to prove himself to Tess. He knew his innocence as well as his loyalty was in question, and he made Tess realize that not every man was out to break her heart. Tess and Devante made for a very interesting couple. One being human and the other vampire, they combined their strengths to take down a killer and eventually find their way into each other’s hearts. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Tess and Devante as the story unfolds is just keeps getting better.

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