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ISBN#: 978-1-60592-011-5
November 2008
Noble Romance Publishing
222 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Jessie has been in love with her husband Josh since high school, and now they spend every moment together. They have a small farm and a trucking business and she even goes on the road with him.

No one means more to Josh than Jessie. He would die for her or kill anyone who tries to hurt her. His life is about to take a strange turn.

Jessie and Josh own a truck and often share the driving duties as well as the paperwork involved with their business. One night they nearly hit what they think is a large dog. That dog is something infinitely more sinister, and the bite he gives Josh will change their lives forever. Soon the dead creature’s pack is after the couple and the only one who can help them is an old woman who lives deep in the bayous of Louisiana. The last person to visit her became alligator food.

For the most part this is a very good werewolf romance with interesting characters, an exciting plot, and very hot love scenes. In between these great sequences the story often drags a bit, the characters seem to plan things for quite a while before putting them into practice, and these planning bits can get a little long. The characters are very well drawn, except for Jessie’s sister Terri; details on her were sketchy compared to the other characters. The mysterious Ganda and her Uncle Garan helped explain things in addition to their roles in the story. Aside from the slow parts, this is a very gripping and suspenseful story and you will find yourself drawn into Josh and Jessie’s world. The action scenes are particularly well written, and a bit violent, I loved the exploding werewolves.

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