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ISBN#: 978-1-59431-636-4
September 2008
196 pages
Women's Fiction/Mainstream
Rating: 4 Cups

Georgette Daniels walked into Sunnydale, Arizona fifteen years earlier at the young age of twenty-five. She decided she wanted to go to Phoenix, get a change of scenery. Her dress was drenched with sweat, sticking to her like sugar when she met her future husband, Bobby Carlisle at his diner.

Vanessa Carlisle knew fifteen years ago that things were not perfect in her marriage. A little distance there and maybe over here just added up wrong. But she never expected to find Bobby leaving her for a much younger woman. A girl half his age and ten times skinnier and prettier than her.

Fifteen years have passed since Georgette Daniels had become Georgette Carlisle. Her husband Bobby has passed on. Now forty, Georgette has an empty hole in her heart and wishes he would come back. At the reading of the will, both Vanessa and Georgette are in for the shock of their lives when they find Bobby has left the diner to both of them. What can happen when you put an ex-wife who is bitter with the younger wife who stole him away in a small kitchen?

Ms. Wingate has taken an all too realistic tale of adultery and put a unique twist on it. Bobby's Diner tells the tale of two women who must come to terms with each other's roles in Bobby's life. As I read further into the storyline, the complexities of this story at times filled me with hope and other times filled me with sadness. The only hang-up I had was the story bounced back and forth between time lines sometimes confusing me. A breathtaking story that will fill you with joy and laughter, Bobby's Diner is a great read for any book lover.

Caution: This book contains strong language.

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