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ISBN# (10) 0-446-19798-X /(13) 978-0-446-19798-4
February 2008
Grand Central Publishing/ Hachette Book Group USA
237 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017
432 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sir Walter Scott has been captured and ordered to hang for trying to take back his own property, cattle that were taken from his neighbor. Yet in order to save his life Sir Iagan Murray has offered a deal, to marry Lady Margaret Murray, his eldest daughter. Sir Walter accepts in order to save himself and the life of his men, even though he has heard that Lady Margaret is one of the homeliest women in the borders. However, they marry and he gets to know her, his feelings begin to change towards love and respect.

Her father forces Lady Margaret Murray into marriage to a man with exceptional connections that can prove to be helpful in this clash between England and Scotland. Yet she decides that even though this is a forced marriage, she will make the best wife she can be to Sir Walter Scott. What she never expected was to fall in love with the man.

As the battles begin between the English and Scots over the borderlands, Walt and Meg are forging a new relationship and learning what the limits in their marriage can be. But when friends and family are also involved in such turmoil, sometimes lines have to be drawn and loyalties defined. Will this forced marriage turned to love end before it has a chance to bloom in the harsh world of war?

Border Wedding is a great book to read. Since I have very limited experience in historical Romances dealing with areas such as English or Scottish histories, I had to read a bit slower to be able to grasp the time period. That was not a bad thing: I very much enjoyed the story with such strong characters who fight and defend and love and lose with gusto and honor. I must say that if this is (even if it is not) your genre of book it would be one you should not miss out on.

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