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ISBN# 978-1-897445-099
May 2008
Champagne Books
258 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Anne James has her own Consulting Financial business, and has helped Phillipe Lamont's company make loads of money. Anne knows that she is a plain looking woman and certainly not the type that Phillipe Lamont dates. He likes tall blonde bombshells he is known for dating. But lately Phillipe is not content with the money her business is making for him; he wants to know the brains behind it. Anne's employees have always kept her identity a secret and no one has sold her out; yet.

Phillipe Lamont wants to know who has been tapping his brain. He knows they are smart and yes it has been making him money, but Phillipe is not sure that whoever has been behind all these projects would stay loyal, but most of all is rankled Phillipe that whoever this person is; knew his way of doing business, and he wanted the name. When Phillipe finds out it is a woman, he is at first intrigued, then he decides he can extract a little pleasure as well as revenge.

When Anne and Phillipe meet, there are instant sparks. Phillipe finds that this little brown sparrow has lots of untouched passion, and Phillipe wants to be the one that taps into her secret desires. Little did Phillipe know that Anne would take him for an ecstasy ride on her wings and he cannot believe how much Anne has become to mean to him. But then Phillipe finds out that someone has betrayed his company, and Phillipe, furious, believes it is Anne. But neither Anne nor Phillipe has any idea there are those that would like Anne's life destroyed; and will go to any means to do it.

Breach of Trust is story of business deals, trust, betrayal, and love. From the beginning you are pulled in by the tension and chemistry between Phillipe and Anne, and kept turning the pages as things start to heat up between these two. There is never a dull moment, and there are lots of twists and turns that keep the reader really enthused. Hot steamy love scenes only compliment this story like whipped cream on apple pie. An exceptional read.

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