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ISBN # 978-1-58749-663-9
Awe-Struck E-Books, Inc.
218 Pages
Western Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Blue Fox with Two Hearts is both Indian and white. At the young age of thirteen his mother died and left him in the care of Ben and Sarah Walters. He does not understand why he cannot go back to his mother's people, and fights being with Ben and Sarah, but eventually realizes that this what his mother wanted, so he begins his life among the white people.

George and Blue became friends when a group of boys beat up Blue. They wanted him to leave, but it only made him fight harder. He gained a friend in George and they became blood brothers. Wild Wolf is angry with Blue when he comes to live among the Lakota tribe, but Blue proves himself among their people by saving Wild Wolf's life and they become brothers by blood.

Blue feels an outcast among the whites and decides to leave to find his mother's people. Yet what awaits him will stun and surprise him, testing his mind and body. He will fall in love, make friends, and try to convince his people to not fight a dying cause. The biggest test Blue will encounter is his loyalty. Will one side truly win against the other?

This is the second book in the trilogy by D. L. Rogers. Blue's story has strong characters that show both sides of the conflict, making it hard to choose who is right or wrong, but that both sides are fighting for the same thing just in different ways. It is just as captivating as the first.

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