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ISBN: 9781602725058
April 2009
Amber Allure Press
79 Pages
Gay Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Carey Thornton could not believe his luck, his bad luck that is. He’s still trying to figure out how he got wrangled into working the front desk during the comic book convention at the hotel.

Patrick Dix should have known better than to lend a hand to his friend. Leena had asked for his help in setting up for the comic book convention. Considering how she somehow always got him to do most of the grunt work, it’s no surprise when he shows up at the convention without her.

While checking out the different people working their tables, as well as the many customers perusing their wares, Carey notices a beautiful man picking up a bunch of trading cards strewn across the floor. Patrick is used to being made fun of because of his less than slender looks and the fact that he is gay. When a man wolf whistles as he bends over, Patrick expects the worst comment and instead he gets the invitation of a lifetime.

Ms. Snyder has written a wonderful story of discovering love in an unexpected place. Carey’d Away tells the tale of two lonely people who have not found the love of their life when suddenly there it is. We have Carey, who sees all of his other friends find the loves of their lives while he is on the outside looking in. Then we have Pat, who considers himself to be chunky and clumsy and not very good looking. Watching their relationship bud was a great experience and had me happy to have a chance to read a story from this great and eloquent author.

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