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ISBN# 1-59836-020-5
August 2005
Venus Press LLC
110 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Tess is alone after her father’s suicide due to his debts. The estate’s executor finds a place for her to hide, in disguise, as companion to an elderly woman, Lady Stadwell. Both women are obsessed with destroying the man who ruined her father, a villain named Sloan, and are planning his downfall.  When Lady Stadwell’s nephew Tallon arrives, he has other ideas for Tess but agrees to help with his Aunt’s latest plan.

Tallon is a man who lives hard but still shows fondness for his Aunt. He admires the determination of his Aunt’s companion.  His affection for Tess grows when he takes control of the revenge, and his feelings turn to desire.  

A plan develops for Tess to seduce Sloan, horrifying Tallon, until he realizes he must teach her how to seduce a man. Their actions make the plan more believable; but also more dangerous, as the villain moves closer to Tess. It will take all they have to capture Sloan; but if they succeed, will their feelings for each other survive?   

This story of revenge is fast paced with a great plot and fascinating characters. The chemistry between Tess and Tallon is palpable, and the love and affection that builds from desire is a great part of the book. When jealousy enters into the story, it brings a charming vulnerability to the pair and humor to a richly dark plot. The manner in which Tess and Tallon communicate develops wonderfully, giving the book wonderful depth. The sex is phenomenal and supports the story well. The background characters, including the villain, are well done. I am hoping for a sequel, and I will buy it as quickly as Carnal Deception. This book is a definite keeper.  

Anya Khan   
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


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