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ISBN: 978-1-60088-179-4
October 12, 2007
Cobblestone Press, LLC
150 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Christy Smythe is so terrified of public places that she has been holed up in her sister’s house for over 18 months. Her life ceased to exist after the robbery, and now her sister is forcing her to move on. How is it that something being done for your own good feels like total rejection?

Michael Hanson is so accustomed to life alone that he resents any intrusions. The accident that left him disfigured and nearly blind also built a wall around his heart that is virtually impenetrable.

Christy is furious with her sister for forcing her into a living arrangement with Mike. The man clearly does not want a live-in housekeeper. His cranky and rude behavior is blatantly obvious, but so is the pain and heartache that surrounds him like a shroud. Christy soon finds herself very much attracted to Mike and with the encouragement of a mysterious presence she takes the initiative. Mike wants Christy more than anything he has ever wanted but he cannot bear the thought of her being tied down to a monster like him. With her anxiety disorder and his scars can the spirit Chailali ever convince Mike and Christy that they are meant for each other? Their pain is so great but their love could be even greater if they just give it a chance.

The love and pain between Mike and Christy is a tangible force. Christy just bursts with emotion, which makes her character so vivid. Her panic attacks as well as her passion would set anyone’s heart racing. Mike makes you want to hold and comfort him. His pain both physically and emotionally comes through perfectly with every word. Ms. Keaton pairs their strengths and weaknesses so well they make a fantastic couple. She takes you on that amazing roller coaster ride of emotion right along with her characters.

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