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ISBN# 978-1-55487-110-0
August 15, 2008
Extasy Books
268 Pages
Contemporary, Adventure, Romance, Series, Thriller
Rating: 4 cups

Kelly Winchester has been honed in the fires of hell because of her experiences as a POW. She is one tough broad by her own admission.

Jim Braddock is a Navy captain and spy whose lady-killer skills were used by the US government to find out their enemy’s deepest secrets. Now he helps to train others.

When Jim shows up on Kelly’s ship and gives her an offer she cannot refuse, she does not mind going with the handsome captain. He takes her to an island so she can train the men there based on her own experiences. They each see something in the other that they also recognize in themselves, and it is not long before they are falling head over heels for each other. Within days of meeting they marry, and after a short honeymoon they are smuggled into China to blow up a plant that makes missle parts. Unfortunately they get separated when Jim is captured by the Chinese army. Will she be able to rescue Jim before the unthinkable happens?

Commando is one heck of a thrill-ride! I really enjoyed Kelly’s personality, and how she did not let what happened to her get her down. I liked Kelly’s take-no-prisoners attitude. Kelly and Jim prove the old adage, “there is someone for everyone,” and then some. I liked how these two clicked, and how Jim “got” Kelly and who she was almost from the beginning of the story. The descriptions of China and the humanity that the author gives to all the characters, including the secondary ones, make this book a true gem. None of the characters are perfect, they are just human and that was really refreshing. If you like a lot of action with your romance, you do not want to miss Commando!

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