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ISBN:  0-373-89509-7
January 2005
Red Dress Ink
PO Box 5190
Buffalo, NY 14240-5190
Trade Paperback
Retail $12.95 – Online $10.36
295 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

I cannot imagine waking up on someone else’s couch every morning with an immediate feeling that I did not know where I was, but that is exactly what the heroine in Couch World does.

P.J. Sherman is a disc jockey, frequenting rock clubs until the wee morning hours and then following a friend home to sleep the day away.  Her marriage is passé and she wants to keep all thoughts of it and the mysterious accident in the past.  She has no excess baggage and loves her independence.

Her story is interestingly told by adding two other women who have a profound affect on
her life--Samantha the model and Leslie the journalist. PJ’s life is progressing at a pace she enjoys until her friend, Sticky, introduces her to a pal and his wife and PJ spends a night on their couch.  The wife, it seems, is desperate to keep her job as a reporter and suddenly the homeless PJ becomes a likely subject for an article.

Jonathan Hadeis is the handsome hero who dabbles in music and fashion.  He has even done production work for musical artists.  He is quite taken with PJ’s talent and wants to manage her career and make her a star.  That is, until her life story makes the local news.  There are some great conflict scenes between hero and heroine, and Ms. Yardley creates realistic tension as Samantha becomes involved.

Ms. Yardley tells a serious story by moving from character to character and switching the
dialogue style.  PJ’s story is told in first person, the rest is written in the third.  The style
required a little more concentration, but once I got totally immersed in the story, I thoroughly enjoyed the cast of characters that made up Couch World.

Brett Scott
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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