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ISBN# 1419909092
February 2007
Cerridwen Press
125 Pages
Paranormal romance
Rating: 4 cups

With this trio of stories Ms Phelan asks the all important question. What are your feelings about the undead? Can you pick them out in a crowd?


Smatha Lowe is on a mission, to track down her daughter's killer. To do it she will need the help of a old friend. Morgan is willing to help his old friend but can she live with what they find?

Wow this one took a twist. I was not expecting this at all. I hope Ms Phelan continues working with the two main characters in this story. They are hot.


Seth is bored. He has lived to long and seen most everything. So when he starts teaching Maddie he is as surprised as anyone how much pleasure he gets from helping her.

Ah, this story is not as good as the others. It is sweet and caring but not much else. The other two stories in this book were more complex and interesting.


Midnight is the story of a unique cowboy. Kyle Cassidy is used to life alone. He even has found a semi-decent replacement for blood. Until he meets Allison. Now his worry is keeping her happy enough to stay with him .

This is such a great story. I found it different and appealing even though other authors have done similar stories Allison and Kyle just make this seem like it is the first time a story like this has ever been told.

A collection of vampire tales that leave you breathless. Ms Phelan's take on a day will leave you wanting to spend another in her company. To quote TV buy this my friends and buy it now. Ms Phelan if ever you need someone to spend a day with I am always available.

Mary E
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books



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