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ISBN# 9781420101324
May 2009
Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback
$6.99 US/ $9.99 CAN
473 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Lucinda Sloan is a psychic detective who has helped solve many crimes. After finding a missing child, Lucinda helps bring a cold case back into the public eye. By trying to help a friend, she catches the attention of a murderer who is intent on playing games with Lucinda before killing her.

The Night Watchman committed murders across the country until he got caught for killing his mother. No one knew he had committed the other murders. For thirty- five years, he has been locked away in prison. Now, he is back, and Lucinda is in his sights.

Lucinda’s visions have helped the police numerous times. From missing children to solving crimes, the police have counted on her. The killer knows her gift and how it works. Mailing her items from each person killed, he is hoping she realizes she is on his list. With the bright red lipstick and a list of numbers, Lucinda is determined to help the police and FBI catch this guy before he has a chance to strike again. Will she be too late?

Action, adventure and mystery abound in this one! Ms. Corsi Staub knows how to keep a reader on the edge of their seat. One turn leads to another and not one of them is predictable. The story moves at a fast pace, but the reader is able to keep up fairly easily. As a woman who spends evenings home alone while my husband works, I did find myself turning on more and more lights as I continued reading. Dead Before Dark should fulfill any reader’s desire to be scared and thrilled.

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