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Lords of Deliverance Series:
Book 1: Eternal Rider

Demonica Series:
Book 1: Pleasure Unbound
Book 2: Desire Unchained
Book 3: Passion Unleashed
Book 4: Ecstasy Unveiled
Book 5: Sin Undone

ISBN: 978-0-446-40098-5
March 2009
Forever Hatchette Book Group, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing
400 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

As a Seminus demon, Shade is highly attuned to the needs of women, especially those of a dark and erotic nature. His only stipulation: satisfy their needs and walk away; his very life depends on never forming an attachment to any woman.

Runa Wagner is fairly new to the world of demons, having been turned by a werewolf less than a year ago. To say that she has changed is a huge understatement, but whether it is for the better or worse is left to be seen.

Runa may have been weak and malleable as a human, but as a warg she is fierce, and Shade is painfully aware of her appeal. The hatred she feels for Shade pales in comparison to the raw and unbridled lust that still burns in her soul for him. They are in a battle for their lives against an enemy all too familiar, and Shade may be damned no matter the outcome.

This Demonica novel will tinge you straight to the toes. The demons are fantastic, full of hellfire and animalistic allure. There is consensual flogging and bondage, but it is a demon novel after all, and that is the nature of the beast. I was entranced though at times stymied by the human/demon interaction and their coexistence. What really drew me into the story is the emotional desperation so expertly written into each of the main characters.

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