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ISBN# 9781441421630
January 29, 2009
Penumbra Publishing
360 pages
Erotic Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Dominique Milhaus leads a dual life. By day she is a clerk at the KopyKwik store. By night she is Mistress Blackheart, cyber-dominatrix. Dom only knows her clients by their screen names, so it is a complete surprise when the police come knocking on Dom’s door.

Officer Rick Carlyle is a man who likes to be in control. He also likes to take care of the people he loves. He does not understand that sometimes people need to take care of themselves before they can allow someone else to take care of them.

Trying to earn some extra money, Dominique takes a job helping out a couple who are not being honest about their business. It turns out this couple is recording sessions and using them against the clients who hold positions within the local government. This lands Dominique in hot water with the local police department. It helps that the officer booking her is a big, hunky cop. She does her fair share of appreciating his form. What she did not expect was Officer Carlyle showing up at her door the next day wanting to take her out. The next step may just scare them both.

Throughout the reading of this novel, I found myself laughing out loud. Dom is a woman who, in many ways, is just a scared little girl. It is great to see her character grow and change as the story progresses. The same goes for Rick. He is such a sweet, sexy man, but he does not see how he tends to take over situations. This couple is so passionate about each other, both in the way they argue and in bed. From the first heart-stopping kiss to the final chapter, Ms. White shines.

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