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ISBN#: (13)978-0-7582-2024-0/(10) 0-7582-2024-3
January 2009
Kensington Publishing Corporation
850 3rd Ave, 16th Floor, New York, New York 10022
Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Double Trouble

The oldest by about five minutes, Ryan Wright has always been the responsible older brother. He has bailed Braedon out of trouble more times than he can count, but this will be the last time.

Penny Harding feels like her world will end if she cannot have Braedon in her life. The fact that she is not even sure if she really loves him is beside the fact. She is in love with the idea of being in love.

Ryan swears this will be the last time he covers for Braedon. The financial debt that Braedon is in is his own fault, but Ryan cannot turn his back on his little brother. Swapping identities, just like when they were kids, should give Braedon enough time to come up with the money. However when Ryan steps into Braedon’s life, he gets just a bit more than he bargained for. A fiancée he knew nothing about, and a loan shark ready to bust his kneecaps.

This first story sets the scene for one fantastic anthology. Ryan and Penny are fun, loving, and tantalizingly hot.

Double The Pleasure

The ten-year class reunion has finally arrived, and Megan Hartley is determined to make it a memorable one. She has carried a torch for one of her classmates, and it is now or never.

Dr. Jake Stanton has spent over ten years setting aside his feelings for Megan. With medical school finally done, and getting ready to open his own practice, it is now time to make his move. He only hopes it is not too late.

The twins…oh how she and her sister despise being lumped together like that. Megan and Suzanne have spent a lifetime trying to separate their identities, but everyone insists they are one and the same. Meg is tired of always being the responsible, boring sister while Suz has all the fun. This time it is going to be different. She is going after the man she wants, and Jake better watch out, because here she comes. The empathetic connection between Meg and her sister has always been more of a trial for Meg, but turnabout is fair play.

Meg and Suz are a trip, and poor Jake sort of gets caught up in their wake, not that he minds. This story not only will have you in stitches, but also turning up the A/C. It is one hot little number!

Double The Fun

It is finally time to get over a high school crush for Suzanne Hartley, especially one that turns out to be the biggest creep of all time. A little time alone on the beach is just the cure.

Braedon Wright is finally ready to become an adult for once in his life. He is tired of the fast life, with fast cars, and even faster women. Maybe settling down and finding someone to love is not such a bad idea.

Braedon wants a woman he can really care about, maybe even love. Why not? It worked for Ryan, and it could work for him too. Suz is drowning her misery in tequila when she sees the sexy man she literally fell for on the beach. Just one more reason to hate her empathetic connection with her sister. Braedon is drawn to the woman at the bar, and for reasons unknown, cannot leave her be. The attraction they have is intense, and it does not take long for them to realize it is more than just great sex. But with the baggage they both carry, will they ever be able to build a solid relationship?

Suz and Braedon are like two peas in a pod. They both secretly long for stability and lasting love, but out of fear they gravitate towards shallow and noncommittal relationships. They certainly heat up the sheets, but their underlying emotions make their story much more real.

The connections and rivalries of twin life are a mystery to most of us. Imagining what it would be like to look at your mirror image on someone else is certainly unnerving. Each of these stories brings to light the shared experiences of twin life in a way that is not only hilarious, but deliciously erotic. The characters are quirky and fun, and their stories are steaming hot. P. J. Mellor certainly puts a new spin on hot and heavy romance with her wonderful twins. She is not only a fantastic author who writes with a great sense of humor, but a naughty one as well.

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