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ISBN# (10): 0-505-52709-X/ (13): 978-0-505-52709-7
August 28, 2007
Love Spell (Dorchester Publishing)
200 Madison Ave, Suite 2000, New York, New York 10016
Paperback (Mass Market)
$6.99 U.S./$8.99 Canada
336 Pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Riana Bowen is one tough lady. She knows not to get unruffled in any situation or let anyone see you sweat. As she sits at Bob’s Truck Stop, she waits for someone called Wizard, who is running late.

Wizard is expecting to meet a man by the name of Sam when he arrives at the truck stop. He never imagined meeting one hot woman that knows how to hold her own.

Duncan Bane, owner of Janson Transport, and special Advisor to the president of the New Government Order, wants Riana badly, and once he has her, he expects payment.

Riana needs only one man, Wizard, but it is apparent he is a no show. When a bunch of big rigs roll into the area, she knows it is time for her to depart, especially when she sees men lumbering out of the cabs, with weapons. She knew they all worked for Janson, who owned the ICW, Intercontinental Worldwide, and acted as though it was the longest highway ever built. It appears someone has jumped the line and the men are upset and out to get the jumper, which happens to be Wizard. Riana knew that anyone who tried to jump line with Janson meant sudden death. Seeing Wizard is in serious trouble, she puts her best foot forward to get him out of the scuffle. Wizard knows Riana by her reputation. He knew her father, Sam, and even though he never mentioned his daughter, Wizard heard about her from others. They form an alliance to stop the fighting truckers, along with the ICW, not to mention a lunatic out for revenge against Riana. Duncan is eager to have Riana and he will stop at nothing until he has her in his clutches. The race is on for their lives as Riana and Wizard fight their fiery passion while trying to stop a maniac.

Driven is a powerful futuristic that is fast-paced. Riana is a dynamite character who does not allow anyone to get in her way. She has spunk, feistiness and determination. Wizard makes a good mercenary and the way he and Riana back each other is terrific. Eve Kenin has cast characters toting weapons, pirate gunners that explode on the scene and one head-strong gal, in a futuristic world, that is not only clever but very well crafted. I was just amazed by the depth of the story. Hop on board this thrilling ride and hold on to your seats, this is one read that does not disappoint.

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