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  My Vampire and I series
  Book 1-My Vampire and I
  Book 2- My Vampire Lover
  Book 3 - Duet in Blood
  Book 4 - Blood Resurrection
  Book 5 - Bound in Blood

ISBN# 9781906590949
August 2008
Total- E- Bound Publishing
E Book
215 pages
GLBT/ Paranormal
Rating: 4 cups

Joseph Meyer is a young man when he meets Marcus Verano. He is given an initiation toward becoming a vampire so the wizards can use him for their sex slave. Once he becomes a full-fledged vampire, he is able to break away from their bonds. Through the centuries, Joseph has searched for love, finding it only when he meets Micah.

Micah Fitzgerald is getting over a break-up with his lover, Robert. Deciding to step out for a drink and some socializing at a Los Angeles gay bar called Blue Moon, he meets the handsome Joseph. A week of exciting and passionate lovemaking, Micah finds himself falling in love with Joseph, but he is facing the fight of his life if he decides to stay with him.

Joseph is scared to tell Micah what he is; a vampire. After a dinner party with Joseph's friends, Micah, being a smart guy, picks up on the little things that are out of the ordinary, like the fact that most of the people are only drinking red wine and not eating the food on their plates. When Joseph goes missing, his friends are at Micah’s side. The wizards are feeling betrayed and will use any means necessary to hurt Joseph. Can Joseph and Micah's new found relationship stand this test?

This is a delicious tale. The lovemaking scenes have me grabbing a bottle of ice water and wiping the steam from my glasses. Mr. Bowie gives the reader such an image of Micah and Joseph that it is hard not to fall in love with them. The characters make this story more vivid with each addition. I highly recommend picking up this book up. Once you do, I do not believe you will regret it.

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