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ISBN # 1-896944-32-9
Dragon Moon Press
E-Book/ trade paperback
$7.00/ $16.50
320 Pages
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

When a multi-billion dollar deposit of platinum is found in the wilds of the Utah Mountains, Connell Kirkland knows he and his company, Earth Core, can do the near impossible and successfully mine the precious ore. The fact that the stuff is located in an area that is reputed by the locals to be haunted by evil spirits and demons is dismissed as frivolous gossip.

Doctor Veronica Reeves, an archeologist studying the remains of a village in the Andes, is also keenly interested in the area. She is shocked to find a weapon in the Wah Wah mountain area remarkably similar to the very ones believed to have wiped out the village she is studying. Determined to save what could be the most important archeological find of the century, she rushes to Utah to stop the mining effort, threatening to go to the media if she has to. Connell convinces her to stay quiet, offering her a chance to examine any findings personally.

However, Veronica, Connell, and his team are about to come face to face with the unimaginable. Because under the surface something has been waiting for centuries and it has no intention of allowing Earth Core to get their hands on what it guards.

I loved this book! Right from the start it built the tension and had me wondering ‘What the heck is it?’ Then, after the reveal it had me squirming in my chair going “Oh my God! EEK!!” The author does an excellent job of explaining the technical aspects of mining and minerals without being dry or boring. The characters are well defined and compelling. The story had my interest from the start and it is definitely one I would read again!

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