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ISBN# E-book-9781593748555/Paperback-9781593748548
March 2007
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
239 Pages
Western/Torrid Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Reed Donovan is a handsome man that any woman could easily love. Elise loves him but Reed holds no feelings for her. When her niece arrives in town and Elise intends to sell her to the highest bidder, Reed sees how uncaring and barbaric Elise is.

Lucinda Hoffman has been sent to Holten, Texas to live with her Aunt Elise, who happens to be a madam of a brothel. The moment Lucinda arrives, she runs into Reed and he shows a kindness she admires.

Reed is a true gentleman, born into wealth and refinement. Coming from a wealthy southern family with lumber trade, Reed’s father gave him and his twin brother five hundred thousand dollars to go find their destiny. He sees Elise on occasion but does not love her. After her niece, Lucinda, arrives in town, Reed befriends the young girl. When Elise proposes to auction Lucinda and her innocence, Reed steps in to try to save her from being tainted. They begin to share a love that gradually grows but is not shared by others. Reed no longer feels empty when he is around Lucinda. Unfortunately, their growing love brings vengeance from a spiteful woman who refuses to see them happy. The more Reed pursues their relationship; it could seal their fate in death.

All I can say is wow! Lucinda and Reed are magnificent characters but the grief that poor Lucinda endures breaks the reader’s heart. Not to mention the empathy and compassion that Reed feels when he sees what Lucinda has suffered. The protagonists indeed spin pure evil with their concoctions of hate, evil and betrayal. Roxanne Springer pens believable characters and a romance that no one can put asunder in this extraordinary read. Elusive Destiny is one remarkable story that leaves a lasting impression.

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