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ISBN# (10)978-0-451-22284-9/(13)978-0-451-22284-8
January 2, 2008
Signet Eclipse (Penguin Group)
375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014
304 Pages
Fiction/Paranormal/Fantasy/Vampire Series
Rating: 4 Cups

Jayr has done her best to try and serve her master, Byrne, for the past six centuries. When it comes to her feelings, she fights discontentment and longing until they recede and only inundate her when she is alone.

Aedan mac Byrne renews his oath of loyalty with Jayr every full moon. While some lords abandon such custom, renewing the bond between a Kyn lord and his seneschal, Byrne continues the ceremonial exchange of blood.

As a seneschal to Bryne, Jayr spends most of her time caring for her master, performing all her tasks as flawlessly as possible. Sometimes she feels that in the next seven hundred years, she will finally be able to relax knowing that no one can care for the master of Knight’s Realms as well as she has. Robin of Locksley is good-humored and has a sense of fun that makes him legendary. When Byrne confides to him he is giving up the Realm, Robin believes he has lost his mind. Fortunate for Robin, he has some intimate knowledge of Byrne that few Kyn possess. Byrne is the man that Jayr has chosen to be his seneschal all the days of her life. As Byrne accepts her during the ceremony of the exchange of blood, he tells her she will have service, honor and protection in his house. Unfortunately, six hundred years ago she had given him her human life so he might live to fight the English and he made her a cursed creature, to walk the night by his side. For centuries, Byrne has loved Jayr but kept it a secret. As he makes plans to leave the Kyn, continues in the process of having a tournament to find Jayr a new master. Jayr does not wish a new master. She cares deeply for Byrne and will do anything to keep him safe. When a secret revolves that could possibly affect Jayr, the three are faced with some challenging times.

It is hard finding the exact words to express how I feel about this book. The characters are so brilliantly sketched. The dialogue beautifully worded and the details choreographed as if watching the whole scene open up right before the reader’s eyes. I guess if I had to describe Evermore in one word, it would be masterpiece. Jayr and Byrne are skillfully drafted on paper to allow the audience to get to know everything about them. I fell in love with them. Their emotions are powerful. Lynn Viehl goes all out to stir not only strong emotions in the characters but with the reader. There were some times that were quite overpowering and exhilarating. She definitely knows how to pen a believable read that this reader found quite impressive.

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