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ISBN: Unavailable
Sept 2007
Eternal Press
87 pages
Fantasy/Mystical Poetry
Rating: 4 cups

The poems presented in this book of poetry were all about Fairies and magic! Ms. Odgers shows us a wider picture of the Fey world and what could happen when mortals and fairies fall in love with each other. Other poems conveyed the willingness of the fairy to not fall in love. They understood the dangers of it and knew to keep from it if they could.

My favorite poems in this book were Rowan’s Choice, Maggie’s Song, and Leaf in The Wind all of which deal with fate. Rowan’s Choice is about a married mortal and fairy and how they learn to live together in the fairy world. Maggie’s Song talks about her wish to see the Fey. She has been singing this song a long time and hopes her family will finally pay attention to it. Leaf in the Wind tells the story of a witch playing a game with fate. The witch hopes she gets a response to what she is trying to do. All the characters are trying to find meaning in life. It does not matter if it is at the beginning of a shared life or at the end.

I love reading about Fairies and really enjoyed this book. Being of Irish ancestry, these people have fascinated me for a very long time. I learned about the different fairy histories as well as how writing can be so expressive, even in short bits. Ms. Odgers' ability to take a common world and put her own spin on it just blows me away. I loved reading the explanations at the end of each poem, making things more real and easier to grasp. These characters, though known for only a brief time, left me with stories I will cherish.

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