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ISBN- Unavailable
March 2009
Lyrical Press, Inc.
193 pages
Rating: 5 cups

Beth Lamont is attempting to change her life. A former CPA for a plastics company in New Mexico, she realizes she has neglected her dream of being an artist. Beth closes her eyes and points to a random spot on the map. Even she cannot know just how much her life will change when her finger lands on Virginia Point, Maine.

The town jeweler is a genius by the name of Kenny McLeary. He is a quiet man with a talent for designing jewelry. There is only one person in town who knows about his past and she has kept his secret for many years.

On Beth’s first night in her rental home, she encounters what she believes to be a firefly. Upon closer inspection, she notices it is actually a small ball of light. This orb is determined to guide her toward solving the thirty-year-old mystery of Katherine Thompson’s disappearance. From leading Beth to a small beach to finding Katherine’s diary, the orb wants someone to solve this mystery. While she feels a tad overwhelmed at times, Beth is determined to put things to rest. She just needs to find people who will cooperate.

This is such a gorgeous setting for a story. The characters are mysterious, but colorful. Beth and Kenny both began to feel like old friends as I read on. The entire cast of Firefly Beach feels that way. It is like Ms. Pentermann stepped into my hometown and picked out the individuals for her tale. I was on the edge of my seat every time Beth got one step closer to solving the mystery. I would encourage you to put this book high on your list.

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