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ISBN# (10)0425215288/(13): 9780425215289
June 1, 2007
Berkley (Penguin Group, USA)
345 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
Trade Paperback
304 pages
Paranormal Fantasy/Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Venus grows tired of her convenience of marriage to Vulcan where there is no romance or love. He may be handsome but he is most dull and boring.

Vulcan has lost his spark for love, for life and adventure in his arranged marriage to Venus.

Dorreth, “Pea” Chamberlain is considered sort of a klutz. She desires the Goddess of Love to give her happiness and ecstasy.

Griffin DeAngelo is one hot fireman who catches the eye of Pea.

Venus is tired of being restless, of living in a loveless marriage. After she hears from Peresphone, Goddess of Spring that living in Tulsa, Oklahoma allows her to be walk down the streets without being recognized as an immortal, Venus jumps at the chance to pay a visit. Vulcan overhears the conversation between the two women, and desires to use his own enchantment when he hears about the mortal man, unaware that his mother is practicing her own spell to help her son be free of Venus and his shell of a marriage. Pea thinks that Griffin is the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. She would love to have the confidence of a Goddess, so finding a book to purchase, she hopes it will give her the self-confidence she needs. After Venus and Peresphone observe how some of the firemen halfway joke about Pea, Venus wishes to zap the men for being unkind to Pea, even though Griffin seems to be somewhat nicer to Pea. It is after Pea offers up an invocation for the Goddess of Love that Venus is summoned to help Pea in her hour of need to find happiness. Unfortunately, Venus finds the magic a harder task while living in Tulsa. When the spell crosses over involving not only Pea, but Venus, Griffin and Vulcan, it appears the four are soon to face unusual consequences.

Goddess of Love is the fifth book in the Goddess Summoning Series and is a heart-touching cleverly written story. The cast are strong and spin entertaining charm to the tale. Pea is a delightful woman that many can identify with. I loved the part about her wild hair. Venus reminded me of a fairy god-mother type figure to her. P.C. Cast knows how to craft a witty page-turner that keeps the reader entertained. With some scorching scenes, the reader is spellbound by the delightful action intertwined within the pages. This passionate tale has sex appeal that is yummy and characters that leap from the pages in this fantasy romance that is definitely intriguing.

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