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ISBN# 978-1-60168-107-2
May 2008
Aspen Mountain Press
140 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Fired or Fired Up

Jacob Kennedy's secretary Chirene Matthey tries to ignore her growing attraction for her boss. After five years working with him, she finally gets a chance to prove herself in the boardroom.

Jacob Kennedy tries to ignore his lustful thoughts about his secretary. The feelings are so cliché it is almost absurd. When he gives her a chance in the boardroom he just might take the opportunity to give her a chance in the bedroom as well.

Jacob and Chirene continue to dance around their attraction for each other. With a big account in the makings, the secretary will finally have the chance she has been waiting for. But will her chance fall short of his expectations?

The compelling struggle between the coworkers is quite fascinating. I love how Ms. Robinson makes the everyday secretarial errands seem menial and yet important at the same time. The sexual tension within the story seems quite real and I found myself enraptured with this short tale.

The Aft Shaft

Marietta is a fifty-four year old widow who is tired of being alone. But the men of her age seem ready for retirement, not relationships.

Cord is a thirty-three year old single man who is tired of immature, giggling women. He wants to find a woman who shares his love for sex and maturity as well.

Stranded in an elevator together, the erotic ideas floating around has them asking, should they? Cord and Marietta journey on a lust-filled adventure until their obligations tear them apart, possibly forever.

Ms. Hall used a sexy fantasy, turning it into a wonderful story. The characters were quite a bit different in age. However, their maturity and mentality were perfect matches. I loved how the age difference was a factor of the story but not overplayed.

The Elevator Man

In the podiatrists' building, Anna takes the elevator. On the way up, the power goes out and she is stuck with a mystery man. She does not know who he is but his sensuality calls to her.

Trying to quiet her panic, Roman suggests they do erotic role-playing games to pass the time. There is something about this woman that has him aching for her.

Roman and Anna play games of lust and fantasy. When the lights come back on, will these two strangers meet again?

This story was a little harder to read then the others. The wording used in this tale did not flow and the sex scenes are not detailed for an erotic writing. While I may not have found this tale stimulating, Ms. Thomas has a great way of writing a realistic conflict into erotic fiction.

Descent into Pleasure

Dante Moretti always gets what he wants. This time he chases after Jenna Alcott and is determined to catch her. Playing hard to get usually turns him off, but there is something about this project manager that hits the right buttons.

Jenna states that she does not mix business with pleasure. She has heard what happens to women who get romanticized by men in their business. Jenna tries to stay away from Dante but he oozes confidence and sensuality and she is finding it harder to say no.

Once the job is finished, Dante will go after her with everything he has. Can Jenna continue to resist his sensual pull or will she finally fall under his magnetic gaze?

Ms. Michaels has written the perfect short story. With a mixture of passion, erotic description, and strong characteristics, this tale will leave you laughing and smiling throughout the story.

The anthology Goin' Down, Book One overall was quite spectacular. I have found with most short stories there are not enough details for a good read. However, with this group of tales, I was very happy with the results. Each of the fictional stories had enough uniqueness, though they evolved around elevators, there was a difference in the telling. The characters in each story are strong, independent people with just enough conflict to keep a reader entertained without overplaying the scenes. Ms. Thomas, Ms. Hall, Ms. Michaels, and Ms. Robinson struck gold when they put together these wonderful stories. Fabulous read!

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