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ISBN: Unavailable
March 2007
Amira Press
45 Pages
Rating: 2 Cups

Gillian Claybrooke, former high school outcast, has unhappily returned to her hometown. Feeling like a failure because she was unsuccessful in Hollywood, she never expects to fall in love with the man she secretly had a futile crush on in high school.

Greyson Duncan, Mr. Popularity in high school and classic rich boy, never gave Gillian the time of day. When they run into each other, he is inexplicably drawn toward her in a way he never was before.

When Greyson faces the death of his mother and confrontation with his father, Gillian is there for him with open arms and more. When his life hangs in the balance she realizes she must tell him how she feels before it is too late.

Greyson’s Heart is a contemporary romance that has great potential but falls short. The characters are not realistic. There is no explanation as to why Gillian is not even remotely skeptical when Greyson shows an interest in her. Realistically a woman in that situation would hesitate because it’s too good to be true or because she is afraid of being taken advantage of. If she does not fall into that category, then that needs to be explained as well. Some of the situations are also far-fetched. The two main characters copulate in a hospital bed just minutes after one of them wakes up from a weeklong coma after being critically injured. Ms. Chailyn’s story contains some great dialogue and a hint at what could be some great emotion, but simply leaves the reader unsatisfied.

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