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ISBN# 1-4199-0773-5
November 2006
Ellora’s Cave
73 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Cyprian Augustus has eluded hunters for centuries. He takes powerful, experienced men and women, and seduces them turning them into something vile.

Leotine is the last hope to lure the temple priest away from his God. She is not concerned that Cyprian’s charms can be quite persuasive. She can be equally as cold and black-hearted.

When Cyprian comes across a beaten woman sprawled in the road, he has suspicions about the woman in slave attire but his servant, Sextus, feels he should help her. As a blood-drinker, Cyprian has keen thoughts about discerning lies in men and women. The catlike eyes of Cyprian enrapture Leotine. In her disguise, she can learn more about the man. He feels it is just an act and he wishes to see how far she will go. Sextus urges him to be careful that she does not go as far as piercing a stake in his heart, but Cyprian admires that not only is Leotine soft and alluring but made of steel, something he likes. Leotine may be smitten with the charms of Cyprian but that does not stop her destroying any blood-drinker. The precarious game they begin causes a turn of events neither anticipated toward the other.

Handsome Bastard is a stimulating sensual game that kept this readers interest. Cyprian’s sex appeal oozes through the pages and Leotine sparks with her alluring ways. The intriguing mind games keeps the reader guessing as to who will be the winner in this wonderful tale. Ms. Hill carries the reader to an exotic atmosphere with interesting characters and an alluring ambience. The exploration she integrates between the two lovers is wonderfully done and magically wicked in its own special way in this teasing of the minds that is enchanting.

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