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ISBN# 978-1-60394-051-1 
May 2007
New Concepts Publishing
187 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups


James Macleod is no human. All his family was forced to leave Scotland two centuries ago when fear of the Changelings caused the wolves to be slaughtered to extinction. After the incident he vowed never to walk the earth as a man again, until she entered his life.

Dr. Jillian Descharme gets an invitation to work at a clinic as an instructor. She has not been out of veterinary school too long and needs a permanent job. She accepts a six-month trial period. For the third night in a row, Jillian continues to have the same wolf dream. She is told the white wolf symbolizes valor and victory, and it always appears when she is stressed, nervous or lonely.

James lost everything he loved in his life in a quick instant by a fire. He comes in wolf form then changes. Changelings live long, are tough, gifted and powerful. The only problem is that they are not immortal. For some reason James feels a strong connection to Jillian, which he cannot make out. As he tries to tell himself that he is only a wolf, nothing more, Jillian sees paw prints. When the two are thrown together, the attraction is potent.

Heart of the Winter Wolf is a remarkable story of belonging, need and passion. I fell in love with James. I could practically share in his sorrow and desire as he wishes to be with Jillian. They both create a heated tension that draws like a magnet. Dani Harper does more than write a mesmerizing page-turner, she breathes life into her characters. She crafts an earth-shattering story allowing the character’s believable emotions to leap out and grab the reader in this rare impressive tale.

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