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ISBN# 1-4199-0800-2
March 2007
Cerridwen Press
189 Pages
Time Travel/Historical/Contemporary/Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Emma’s life has totally changed. One minute she is on her way to pick up her husband’s body for burial after he was killed in a bombing raid in London, and the next she is on another plane sixty two years later with no idea how she got there.

Tom is immediately drawn to the attractive fifty year old woman on his plane, even though she thinks that it is 1944. His own secrets lead him to help Emma and make her a part of his life, hopefully forever.

A woman is sucked out of her not very satisfactory life in World War II era America to the present time. She is taken in by a man whom she quickly grows to love, but who has secrets of his own.

I liked Emma and Tom’s characters. Emma is very open to learning about her new world, especially computers, and rapidly realizes what a bad relationship she had with her late husband as opposed to the new one she is developing with Tom. Tom is very secretive, but on the other hand very helpful to Emma. He seems to be involved with a few pretty shady characters, which does not fit in with his persona. His ex-wife and daughter are pretty horrible people. I did have a little trouble with the speed in which Emma and Tom ended up in bed. She is a fifty year old woman from 1944, she was just widowed, and it seems out of character for her. The story is a very good one for those that like either time travel or WWII related stories. The plot is full of twists and turns and can be very exciting at times, and the villains are twisted and evil enough for any reader.

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