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ISBN# (10): 0-345-49669-8/ (13): 987-0-345-49669-0
March 25, 2008
Ballantine Books (Imprint of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
416 Pages
Fiction/Romance/Historical Regency
Rating: 4 Cups

Princess Sophia of Kavros was young when Napoleon’s forces captured the island ruled by her father. Now years later, she plans to regain her rights to the throne.

Major Gabriel Knight, born and bred in British India, is a master swordsman. When he meets Sophia, he soon learns her royal fate and prepares arms to protect her.

Princess Sophia knew her people needed leadership and she was well armed to combat any danger, until her bodyguard is wounded. With her security breeched and penetrated, he tells her to flee and to remember red-seven, signifying her men could no longer guarantee her safety. Sophia flees until she finds a musty barn and takes shelter. Gabriel arrives at the farmhouse and takes care of his horse, but finds Sophia inside the barn. He believes his devilish brother has brought him a bedmate. Sophia assures she is no bedmate. Hiding her identity, she accepts a job as a maid in his farmhouse. They fight their impending attraction for the other, but each day it only grows stronger. Gabriel has past deeds that haunt him and Sophia has a way of helping to heal his torments. When he learns about her true identity, he promises to protect her. The two feel like they have finally found their fulfillment in life, but will destiny change their plans?

Her Every Pleasure is a daring tale with all the class and sophistication that comes with the bravery and royalty of a great Regency. The imagery is so clear one can practically see the lovely detailed scenery coming to life within the pages. Lavish, vibrant and fast-paced, I love the courage of Sophia and the compassion and care of Gabriel. The chemistry between the two is rich and warm; it makes the heart leap with joy. The simple touch of his hands captivates beyond words, especially when he worries about her. Ms. Foley instills sincere characters that leap from the pages and bring an era to life. She captures the reader’s heart by incorporating intrigue, passion, and delight with Sophia and Gabriel, making this one action thrilled read.

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