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ISBN# 9781906328085
May 2007
Total-e-bound eBooks
32 Pages
Rating: 3 cups

Stephanie Potter is an older woman who keeps to herself and lives in a log cabin by a lake. She likes doing things for herself and really has no intention of ever getting involved with another man. After her husband passed away all she has really wanted is to be left alone by everyone, particularly the townspeople who do not want to let her forget her husband was one of theirs. She has no idea that the handyman she has offered a job to is going to be the gorgeous Cullen McKay.

Cullen McKay is young enough to be Stephanie’s son, but he does not care. As soon as he sets eyes on Stephanie he knows he wants her. Never before has he felt the need to stay in one place for very long; in fact he is a self-professed wanderer. However, after seeing Stephanie, he finds himself longing to find a reason to stay with her.

When Stephanie, who is a professional photographer, asks Cullen if she can take photographs of him while he works around her home, he says yes. In fact, he is ecstatic at this obvious evidence that Stephanie likes him as much as he likes her. But will he be able to get past her guard? Will he be able to convince her that age does not matter when it comes to love?

Her Handyman is a candid look at life through the eyes of an older woman who is attracted to a much younger man. I enjoyed reading about Stephanie’s independence and found her to be a character that was easy to relate to. I especially understood her feeling of wanting to be alone to commune with nature and do whatever she wanted without being bothered by busybodies. Cullen comes across as mature, but still able to remember how to have fun and I felt that he and Stephanie complimented each other well. If you enjoy reading about erotic interludes, then Her Handyman is just the story for you.

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